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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jade Oni = Rabbit Staff?

Did you know the blog "Wiza Heather Feather 101"? Well, Heather decided to delete her blog (I'm not going to tell the reason why) and she told me to use all the information from her blog I wanted because we are friends in real life. So here it is...


She told me that you could get the Staff of the White Rabbit from the Jade Oni, but is that true?? I haven't tried it out yet. Anyway, she gave me this photo:

Well, I'll have to prove that later, so good luck finding it!!

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  1. Its true, the Jade Oni drops many holiday-based wands, but only around the holiday when the NPC (Eggbert, in this instance) is around (he also dropped the Lucky Leprechaun). Its well past Easter so he doesn't drop it anymore - at least not till next Easter :)


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