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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Poll!!

Ok, so I added a new poll!! What's your favorite school? Vote now!! :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jade Oni = Rabbit Staff? Part 2

Ok, thanks to Arlen Dawneyes who told me that he only drops it (And Lucky Leprechaun too!) when Eggbert is at the Shopping District. So that means that 'until next Easter!!'
And I say that: So that means that the Cupig isn't able either! (He was dropped by Jade Oni too) Aww, I loved the Cupig. So we'll have to wait until next Valentines Day!! Jade Oni also drops Jade Oni (lol) and Magma Spider

WHAT?!?!?!?! Part 4

So it happened to Logan Soulsinger too!! But with other pets, Forest Lord and Judge!! And he got a Crop Watcher... (It's cool anyway)
But oh no... The Judge caused this with 2 different pets.... When I hatched it with my Phoenix I got a Fire Wyvern... So

Is it the Judgement the one who is failed? Or is it a bug?

Uh oh, I have a Balance!! It would be bad if Judge was failed... Comment if that happened to you...
But if it happened to you with other pets, then REALLY COMMENT!!!

But anyway, there are some people who have the Austral Judge and the Firey Judge!! But are the ones who have them only Balance? Oh no, so many doubts now...

New Blogger Found!!

Hi. Today I was looking for any new blogs about W101 when I found this one:
"Hanny The W101 Nanny"
By Hannah Unicornstaff. Lol. She's not a nanny in real life!! :P

Jade Oni = Rabbit Staff?

Did you know the blog "Wiza Heather Feather 101"? Well, Heather decided to delete her blog (I'm not going to tell the reason why) and she told me to use all the information from her blog I wanted because we are friends in real life. So here it is...


She told me that you could get the Staff of the White Rabbit from the Jade Oni, but is that true?? I haven't tried it out yet. Anyway, she gave me this photo:

Well, I'll have to prove that later, so good luck finding it!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anything New? And Remember about the Contest!!

Do you notice anything new in this blog?? (Exept for the contest thingy)
Look under the blog photo at the top of the page!! I added a new text!! And look at the type of letter of the post titles!! Lol :P that's new. (At least better than before!!!) And anything else?? From now on you can follow by e-mail!! Wow wow wow!! That's cool. Some days later you'll find MORE new things... :).

 And besides, remember about the contest!! Read the past post to know more about it!! 7 great KI Free Games codes!!! They're not bad, I got them all at level 10 and 9! It's sooo easy!! If I were you, I'll try to win!! Just edit a photo, you know how to do that, right??  :P Bye!! Read the other post to know about the rules and all that stuff.

Contest!! (Really Easy)

Hi!! CONTEST!! The prizes aren't very good, but at least they're something. They're KI free games codes!! I've got 5 of them. And maybe (just maybe) I'll give 2 other worse (But still good) codes to another winners!! That's 7 prizes!! So if the prizes are easy to get, the things you will have to do will be easy too. That's fair. To enter the contest you'll have to

Edit a Wizard101 photo and send it to ashleyfairyfriend@gmail.com.

You see? It's soo easy!!

The rules are:

  • The best photo is going to be picked, so don't just add a little triangle and some words!!
  • Remember to put your wizard's name in it, because can I say "Mysterious wizard #57 won!!"? Nah.
  • Please send every photo (if you have more than 1) in one e-mail, cause if not I'll get thousands of e-mails.
  • One wizard cannot win every prize!! So I hope many people joins. Lol.
  • I don't know what you'll get (none can guess) so don't come to complain about the bad thing you've got once you recieved your price. You know it's hard to get to level 10 in Sorcerery Stones!! (I know I spelled it wrong)
  • Try hard!! You know I won't accept any other games photos or a photo which you only put a few words and some shapes!!
  • Good luck!!

No Photos??? Part 3

Perfect!! So it works now! Thanks for telling me!! From now on I'll do that with the photos.

WHAT?!?!?!?! Part 3

KI replied saying that they couldn't meddle with nature in the spiral. They said that would happen two or three times.

So, I forgot to tell you, I got it a THIRD TIME!! Wow that's strange, and I don't like it very much, lol. If you can see this picture, then look at it!! (Read the post "No Photos??? Part two", I'm using the same method as the photo in it. As I said, TELL ME IF YOU CAN'T SEE IT.)

Cya on the next post!! Bye.

No Photos??? Part two

Ok, sorry about the text that appeared to you, it's in spanish. (As I told you, spanish is my native language) I don't really know what to do, but now tell me if you can see this photo. If you can, then I know what to do.

This HAS TO work because I uploaded it with the blog this time.
Answer please!! Tell me if you can see it. I need your help.